THE CENTRE – ST. MARY’S CHURCH | Eleganckie apartamenty w Krakowie

Belonging to the most famous monuments in Poland, the church has the title of minor basilica. The Great Altar, decorating the interior of the church, is a fifteenth-century work of Veit Stoss. The most characteristic sound of Kraków – St. Mary’s Trumpet Call or “Hejnał Mariacki” – can be heard coming from the tower of this church. When playing the melody, the trumpeter turns towards the four sides of the world. According to tradition, the first sound flows towards Wawel – for the king, the second – towards the magistrate – for the mayor, the third, in the direction of the Barbican – for the guests, the last – once for merchants – today for the commander of the fire brigade.

If you are interested in the history of the bugle call and you would like to hear it live – we invite you to the Main Square at an even hour. If you are already wondering how many times you will return to this magical city, please pay attention to the trumpeter after he finishes the performance. One of the legends says that the number of times he waves his hand in greeting indicates the number of times you will be coming back to Kraków.

 no. 18 (direction: Krowodrza Górka) → stop: Plac Wszystkich Świętych

 no. 52 (direction: Osiedle Piastów) → stop: Poczta Główna