THE CENTRE – WAWEL ROYAL CASTLE | Eleganckie apartamenty w Krakowie

To be in Kraków and not visit the Wawel Royal Castle? Impossible! It’s a must-see spot on the tourist map of Kraków! You will be welcomed by the Wawel Dragon, who guards the castle and who will surely breathe fire for you. After visiting the rooms, His Majesty invites you to a stroll through the Renaissance garden.

The Wawel Castle is not only the seat of Polish rulers, but also the place of their coronations and burials. It is here where, among others, King Casimir the Great, the founder of the Kraków Academy (today’s Jagiellonian University) rests; as well as Marshal Józef Piłsudski, thanks to whom in 1918 Poland regained its independence.

If you are visiting the castle hill, we recommend that you see the most famous Polish bell – Sigismund, named after its founder – Sigismund I the Old.

  no. 18 (direction: Krowodrza Górka) → stop: Wawel