Tour Salon 2019 Poznań! | Eleganckie apartamenty w Krakowie

On 1-3.02.2019 the Vanilla Aparthotel employees came together after coming to Poznań with Vanilla’s bear and answered a lot of guests’ questions. The travelers was delighted with Teddy bear, everyone visiting our stand and travelers who were very keen on taking pictures with the mascot of Vanilla Aparthotel. Wandering around the stands of other exhibitors, the bear was very much in demand and everyone eagerly made friends with him.

During the fair, the Vanilla Aparthotel employee took the second place in the Grand Tournament of Minigolf. We met with great interest of our services, both hotel and hotel and organization of conferences and corporate events. On behalf of the Directorate and employees of Vanilla Aparthotel, we would like to thank everyone who visited our stand and became acquainted with proposed offers.