Vanilla – where does the name Vanilla Aparthotel come from? | Eleganckie apartamenty w Krakowie

Everyone associates the smell of vanilla with something nice – mainly with holidays, when it is used as seasoning for various cakes. It gives them sweetness and a unique aroma. When it fills the house, it can greatly soothe your nerves – it helps you relax! It is no wonder that many cosmetics are, in essence, just the scent of vanilla, and the vanilla version of house and car fresheners is one of the most popular among the Poles. Vanilla is also used as an additive in perfumes and constitutes an extremely expensive spice – one of the most expensive ones in the world. Associations with Vanilla, however, do not mean that Vanilla Aparthotel is a particularly expensive place, only exceptionally cosy! The name itself evokes great associations, and modern equipment allows for appropriate relaxation – as if the scent of vanilla was spreading through all the rooms!

Where does vanilla come from?

Vanilla is a type of monocotyledon belonging to the orchid family. In total, we distinguish 109 species of vanilla, however, the popular spice is made of Vanilla planifolia. It is a unique species of climbers that can be found in the wild state in the tropical forests of South and Central America. Interestingly, the largest producer of vanilla in the world is Madagascar, located on the south-east coast of Africa.

What does vanilla symbolise?

Vanilla is surrounded by a special, romantic aura, associated with both its appearance and fragrance, but also with the history of this plant! Totonaks from Mexico considered it to be a plant born of the blood of unhappy lovers. Its fragrance is very mysterious, but pleasant – no wonder it is so widely admired!

Why Vanilla Aparthotel?

Vanilla is one of the most expensive and noblest spices of the world. All because of the difficulties with pollination, harvesting and subsequent processing. Do you know that vanilla flowers open only for one day and are pollinated mostly by hand? In addition to people, some bees and hummingbirds can pollinate them – and the image of the hummingbird next to this magnificent flower is prevalent in the media. The special smell comes from vanillin and appears only after the vanilla pod has been fermented. All this determines the price, but even the high figures do not reduce the popularity of the spice. Vanilla Aparthotel is open to distant travellers, it is cosy and has a special aura that allows you to relax after an intense day. That’s why vanilla is a great patron for us.